How Plenty and Local Bounti are Innovating and Tackling Last Mile Challenges

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In this podcast episode, Jill Carlson from Plenty and Brian Cook from Local Bounti share their innovative approaches to indoor vertical farming. They discuss the benefits of year-round production and the ability to grow in locations that are not typically arable. The companies are committed to sustainability, with Plenty focused on reducing waste and Local Bounti using a variety of logistics methods to get its products to market. Listeners will learn about the advantages of indoor vertical farming, how it removes the volatility of produce and encourages consistent year-round production. With a focus on sustainability, Plenty and Local Bounti are leading the way for a more accessible and affordable future for fresh produce.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how Plenty's technologically advanced farm achieves industry-leading yields of up to 350 times more per acre than traditional farms through its patented architecture
  • Learn how Local Bounti's stack and flow technology provides fresher produce to regions that usually don't get to see it, making fresh produce more affordable for consumers
  • Find out how indoor farming removes the volatility of produce, enabling consistent year-round production, and encouraging consumers to make the investment in fresh produce
  • Learn about the advantages of growing produce in locations that are not necessarily arable, and how it allows companies to pick sites based on logistics rather than growing conditions
  • Explore Plenty's commitment to physical access and affordability of their produce, employing at least 30% of employees locally and exclusively serving Compton retailers and food service providers to ensure people in the community have access to their produce
  • Discover how Local Bounti uses a variety of logistics methods, including FOB pickups, deliveries to customer warehouses, and cross-stock partnerships, to get its products to market
  • Learn about the sustainable practices of both companies, with Plenty focusing on sustainable transportation logistics and reducing waste, and Local Bounti using a variety of logistics methods to get its products to market.


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